I am a certified reading specialist offering regular private tutoring sessions.  In addition, I also offer parent education sessions for parents who want to develop tools to help their children with reading skills at home.  I live in Media and provide services out of my home, but am also willing to travel to your home. I have been tutoring both schooled and homeschooled children for 17 years.

Does your child need extra reading support?  Is your child expressing a desire to learn to read?  Is your child almost reading but in need of extra help?  Does your child want to read but becomes frustrated after a few moments?  Does your child feel like reading is a chore? Is your child discouraged with reading?

I offer both private tutoring sessions and parent education sessions to help you meet your child’s needs.

Private Tutoring:

I work with your child one-on-one, in weekly or bi-weekly sessions.  Parents are welcome to be present during tutoring sessions or to drop off.

Parent Education:

Over the course of several weeks, I teach you methods and skills to work with your child at home.  The parent education model equips you, the parent, with the information you need to help your child develop and strengthen critical reading skills at home, without dependence on a tutor.

All of the methods, techniques, and strategies that I use with children are based on current, sound research and are proven to improve reading.

Reading should be a comfortable, enjoyable experience for every child. Reading should not be frustrating.  If a child is frustrated while reading, it is because the reading material is not at his/her appropriate level and there is not adequate skillful teaching support.  When a child is working at his/her developmental level, frustration does not occur — progress occurs. Progress occurs most rapidly when a child is engaged and working consistently and methodically in his/her “instructional zone”.  Frustration inhibits progress. I am committed to ensuring that the children, with whom I work, experience reading as a pleasurable and gratifying activity — not a frustrating one.